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S R Positive Rotary Lobe Pump

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S R Positive Rotary Lobe Pump

All Parts in contact with the product liquid are made form AISI-316 quality stainless steel alloys to meet exacting requirements of hygienic standard.

  • Built - in - With relief Valve: This is also fully interchangeable. But the adjustable automatic spring loaded pressure relief valve provides a definite means of protection.
  • Jacketed front cover:Jacketed rotor case front cover suitable for heating & cooling with any medium (Water, steam, oil etc. A built-in-relief valve cannot be used if this type of front cover is fitted.)

Typical Products Efficiently Handled By S. S. Lobe Pumps
Model Port ConnectionMax headMax Speed R.P. M.H.P.Pump Max Capacity L.P.H.
Bakery Product Butters, flavourings, frostings, fruit  fillings, fats & Oil, sweeteners, yeast slurry.  
Beverage Products Beer, wort, yeast, alcohol, wines, soft drink, fruit concentrates & fruit drinks.
Chemical Products Acetone, Adhesive, alcohol, alkyd resins Ammonia, amylacetate, barium Sulphate, benzene.
Canning Products Potato salad, baby foods, soups, salad dressing, tomato ketchup, fruit juice, pumpkin slurry, cream style vegetable,
jams, jellies and  mayonnaise.
Confectionery Products Sugar syrup, cream filling, chocolate mixture, choco- milk
Cosmetic Products Face cream and lotion, lipstick, hair dye, essential oil, shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste.
Dairy Products Butter, butter milk, milk cream, milk condensed, margarine, ice cream, milk fruit, yoghurt, cheese curd and whey.
Meat Products Meat chunk, sauce and paste, meat ground, pet food.
Pharmaceutical Products Antibiotics, Streptomycin, cough syrup, health tonic, pil paste, syrups and Extract,  vitamin malt fish oil, emulsions.